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The Swamp Issue Has Arrived 

Taking pre-orders now. Shipping in second week of July. 

We've got two different covers: DAY-MODE & NIGHT-MODE

Order and which you receive will be a surprise! 


We've got:


  • Photos of the Skunk Ape by Joshua Aronson 
  • Essays about the Skunk Ape by Jason Katz, Oliver Smith, Franky Cruz & Houston Cypress
  • A firsthand narrative of hiking the Florida Trail by Maria Llorens
  • The latest installment of Bookandia, in which we digitize issues of Loop Road's 1970s Pinecrest Freeway News. 
  • Charlotte Foreman's epic essay about Loop Road life. 
  • Islandia Air's Fola Akinde shares their process work 
  • AND MORE... 


Issue 8 Islandia Journal

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