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Islandia Digitalia 

a curated collection of documents & images & ephemera from Florida & the Caribbean

Galloping Gator Cookbook
Published in 1972 by the wives of Everglades National Park Rangers

Prop Roots Vol. II: Hermits from The Mangrove Country of the Everglades
Published by Students of Everglades City High in 1980

A 1979 Guide to the Shark Valley Loop Road, Everglades National Park

Airboating Magazine Vol. II Issue I
May-June, 1974
Published in Melbourne, Florida

A Guide to the Wilderness Waterway of the Everglades National Park
Written by  ENP Park Naturalist William G. Truesdell
Published in 1969 by University of Miami Press, Coral Gables, Florida 

Dozier School for Boys Reality Therapy Manual
Published in 1982

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