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Our final issue of 2022!


This issue is a special one. Inside is our first commissioned essay in partnership with Bookleggers Library. We are calling this partnership Booklandia. As part of this partnership, we are scanning rare and out-of-print books, uploading them to our site, and commissioning art and writing inspired by those books. 


On the cover is an illustration of the Chupacabra as interpreted by Friday Megistus. Inside is an essay by Rob Goyanes about Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo's 1996 book The Miami "Chupacabras". 


-Alongside poems by Alexandra Page, Paul Brooke, Von Wise, and Simon Nagel. 

-A collection of 100+ vintage Florida tees photographed by Josh Aronson 

-Speculative fiction by Emily Liu + Victoria Brun 

-Cryptids, extinct animals, and much much more!!! 

Islandia Issue 6

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